New for 2021 – Remedy Classics

New for 2021 – Remedy Classics

22nd May 2021 - Remedy Classics - 1pm-12am

As we slowly emerge from the pandemic and look to getting back to what we know and love, one thing that stood out from 2020 was how much everyone loved the layout of our Covid secure event in September 2020.   Scaled down from our full festival event, with only one open air stage, with music dedicated to our classics house vibe and a reduced capacity (due to covid restrictions).  The atmosphere was electric from start to finish and a real highlight of the year for everyone.

This year, covid restrictions should be less apparent if the current government roadmap out of lockdown is followed to the dates Boris has announced.  This will mean that no restrictions on groups outdoors should be in place.  So no seating plans, no rules of 6,  just good music and good times.  Obviously we know how to run covid secure events if we need to adhere to any restrictions and still make them fun and safe.    This means that although its still much to risky to run our full 3-stage Festival in May, we can still run a more flexible Remedy Classics event on the 22nd May with the main Festival happening on 4th September this year.  (As previously posted all May 2020 tickets are valid for the 4th September.  All headline DJs for 2020 have confirmed for 4th September and we will be announcing a headline DJ for 22nd May at the ends of this month.    Safe to say we have an amazing set of Remedy residents DJs to support and a fantastic full day of music planned. 

Tickets will be going on sale from 9am on 26th March. 

Tickets for the full Festival on 4th September are available now here:-


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